Dear Beauty Pro, 5 reasons you must join Canvas Recruit

05 Sep 2019
In the simplest form, Canvas Recruit is a platform where beauty professionals can create beautiful digital canvases (a.k.a resumes), browse job openings, apply for the job of their dreams and connect with beauty pros all around the world (Think LinkedIn for the beauty space). Not only will Canvas Recruit be your resource for all career growth and opportunity; it will transform the beauty space and empower beauty professionals everywhere to find, not just any job, but the job that speaks most to their soul.

We touch on some of those benefits below.

Here are 5 reasons you need to join Canvas Recruit:

Instagram is super great and can be an amazing tool to help you showcase your craft and style. It could also help you build and cultivate a following – all awesome for career growth!  But, from a professional perspective, Instagram is purely visual and doesn’t dive deep into performance metrics or even career history or awards. 

Canvas Recruit will showcase specific Key Performance Indicators that can help make you more marketable. Your canvas (aka digital resume) will include the following benchmarks; Average ticket, Frequency of visit, Retail to Service, and Client retention. 

Beauty business owners/managers/hiring staff will have the ability to search candidates by your KPI’s, giving you a better opportunity to stand out and be noticed. We’ve also included space on your canvas for you to highlight your industry awards and certifications. You’ve worked so hard to earn your stripes, so go ahead and show them off.

KPI's and awards

In addition to KPI’s, awards and certifications there are other qualifying factors that owners are looking for when searching for talent – like personality and culture fit. There are sections within your canvas where you can include key moments throughout your career, whether you’re fresh out of cosmetology school or you have 30 years experience;  you can share details on where you went to school, what you do to keep up with the trends, ongoing education, past roles and responsibilities, mentors or brands you’ve worked with and events you’ve participated in.

We’ve also made it super easy for you to share your latest work. We know your already sharing your client photos on Instagram, so we integrated your canvas with your Insta page. When you upload a new picture to your Instagram – your latest cut, color, fade, style or a massage technique, it automatically uploads to your canvas profile. BOOM!

Share, connect, collaborate, and repeat! It’s no secret that the importance of continuously connecting with other industry professionals is a critical component to success. Even if you love your current job and think, “I’m going to be here forever,” you should still be creating a canvas to make connections with owners and other professionals, both locally and nationally – you never know when you’ll get that side gig to work backstage with a celebrity artist or the opportunity to work a high-end fashion show.

Collaborate: Create your canvas, search for other canvases in your area or beyond, check out their work and if you’re inspired send them a note. Collaborations can be very rewarding. While working with other artists you may pick up new skills/techniques, grow your social following and even secure future opportunities. It’s a no-brainer for anyone in the beauty space and something we all need to be thinking about regularly.

No one can predict the future, which is why you should be prepared for anything, especially when it comes to your career. Your job can change at any moment. New ownership can takeover, staff or policy changes could affect you or morale, or you might decide you just need a change. So you need to be connecting and continue networking with salon, spa, or barbershop owners, as well as industry professionals. By networking with owners and managers you’re setting yourself up for potential job opportunities and when you give yourself career options you instantly become empowered. We see so many people staying in jobs they don’t like because they don’t have options. Don’t let this happen to you. The more professional relationships you can create, the more opportunities you’ll see. 

Canvas Recruit will also showcase freelance opportunities that could supplement your income outside of the salon, spa, or barbershop. Business owners/Celebrities/brands who join Canvas Recruit can post freelance opportunities to secure talent for beauty events, fashion shows, trade shows and beyond. So be on the look and if there is an opportunity in your area you should definitely look into it. Not only are freelance opportunities great for earning extra cash, but you can also make connections and build your network, create new content for your canvas and social platforms, and even grow your craft by learning some new techniques.

Create your Canvas.

Which of the 5 benefits highlighted above resonated with you the most? Are you looking to better showcase your work history and achievements? Are you looking to create a professional page that is separate from your social pages? Are you looking for a new role, or to collaborate with other professionals, or are you just looking to make extra money? You can comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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Stand out. Connect. Soar.


Matt & Jen