Own A Business In The Beauty Space? Why You Need To Be A Part Of The CR Community

05 Sep 2019
We are so excited to share the Canvas Recruit platform with thousands of beauty businesses that face the same challenge – finding strong talent to fill their salon, spas, and barbershops. Think LinkedIn specifically for the beauty space. Bottom line, if you have a business in the beauty space then joining the CR community is a no-brainer and we’re about to tell you why. We’ve designed the platform specifically with you in mind and with feedback, we received from industry friendlies who are just like you.

Here are 5 reasons why you’re going to love CR.

Ok, this is one of our favorites. Canvas Recruit will give you the opportunity to browse beauty canvases (a.k.a digital resumes) based on custom filters and business requirements. When you’re looking to network or hire talent you can search by location, preferred payment structure, software used or products/brands used. You can even search by key KPI’s like Average Ticket, Frequency of Visit, and Retail to Service!

If you’re looking for someone that has a strong retail game, then search by candidates based on their Retail to Service metrics. Connecting with and hiring professionals that fit all of your business needs will be easier than ever.

Canvas Recruit will filter candidates by:

– Location
– Category
– Software experience
– Years of experience
– Retail to Service
– Average Ticket
– Frequency of Visit


A reason for your high turnover may be that you (and candidates for that matter) have very few options when hiring, and as a result, hiring the wrong culture fit. The story ends up going something like this; the wrong culture fit comes on board and ultimately isn’t happy because he/she is not in alignment with your vibe/model/policies/other employees. This person is not only unhappy, BUT they make it uncomfortable for everyone else. Your top performers start to feel frustrated and unmotivated – which is a huge recipe for a toxic environment. Canvas Recruit is disrupting the entire way you recruit talent for your business.

You can search for talent and review work history, past education, KPI’s, and even have some insight into a potential candidates personality, all from Canvas Recruit. Since CR provides the ability to search by so many qualifying factors you easily find your tribe and build an aligned, strong, and high performing team!

 If you’re not hiring talent with a culture fit first mentality, turnover may continue to be a problem in your business and it may be difficult to build a culture that grows passionate, loyal, and trustworthy employees.

We hear it all the time – the dreadful staff walk-outs, ugh. Hopefully, this never happens to you, but it can’t hurt to be prepared. Or your business is thriving and growing – you’ll need to be ready to hire a superstar that can keep up with your growth and at the same level of your standards. Or a top performer leaves unexpectedly, now you can be ready and prepared for whatever your journey brings you.

The point is if you run a business in the beauty industry and you’re not constantly connecting with local professionals and building a network of potential candidates, you’re doing yourself and your biz a major disservice. 

When you join Canvas Recruit you have the ability to do exactly this. You can review canvases in your area, bookmark the ones you love, send them a note and introduce yourself. Then, when the time is right, reaching out is one click away! Your custom dashboard will display all bookmarked Canvases with notes for each potential candidate.


I know we may say this a lot, but, if you’re not connecting and collaborating with other business or brands you’re missing out. Create your canvas, search for other businesses or professionals in your area (or beyond), check out their work and if you’re inspired reach out. Don’t let your ego get in the way of potential opportunities. There is no shame in asking someone to partner up and work together on an upcoming, shoot, project, event, etc.

Collaborations can be very rewarding for everyone involved. While working with other businesses, artists, or brands you may pick up new skills/techniques, grow your business’ social following and even secure future opportunities. It’s a no-brainer for anyone in the beauty space and something we all need to be thinking about regularly.

We are extremely focused and dedicated to providing you with thoughtful and valuable content, specific to all professional levels and specialties within the beauty space. As you may have noticed some of our first posts highlight tips from salon Owners and Master Stylists, Manny Rolon & Mario Silvestri.

We are so passionate about connecting, empowering, and driving the growth and success of this community. Make sure you subscribe to our blog so that you can be notified each time we have valuable content to share, because at the end of the day Your Network = Your Net Worth, and the more we can share the more we can all thrive in this beautiful industry.

Go to Canvas Recruit and get started on creating your canvas now.


Which of the features showcase above spoke to you the most? Are you looking to search for talent? Are you having issues with staff turnover? Are you looking to build a dashboard of potential candidates? You can comment below. We’d love to hear from you.


Matt & Jen