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The Bespoke Salon

- Wanting to be in a space with no ceiling as far as potential and growth

- Must be a good human first, good artist second

- Supportive always to all members of our team, and industry as a whole.

- Requires an infinite desire to become the next better version of themselves as a person, professional, and artist

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About The Bespoke Salon


Bespoke was created in 2013 knowing that hairdressing could offer more and wanting to be surrounded by the very best. A progressive space that was hairdressing focused, but a home to numerous artisans producing an environment that has been fueled by passion, texture, shape and color. Celebrating any art form for poetry and paint to music and ironwork. A culture that never rest in finding the greatest version of ourselves as artists and humans.

Bespoke evolved for curators and leaders for the eternal student and also for the teachers. For the artist that finds inspiration in the relentless efforts to elevate the craft.