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Jalia Pettis

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Date: October 20, 2019

Location: Scottsdale AZ

Opportunity: 3 hair & 3 makeup assistants

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Jalia Pettis is a Visionary and a woman who wears many hats. Having a business background composed of over 16- years in Human Resource Management coupled with Training and Marketing experience. Understanding her purpose is aligned to her passion she made the decision in 2006 to create 3Jay Productions, a multi-faceted firm of professionals which caters to those in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries. 3Jay Productions offers a broad rand of services to include business development, brand management, imaging, art direction, event planning, and public relations. The following year Jalia was the brainchild behind an event entitled the Style Exhibition which was awarded a proclamation by the Mayor of Columbia, SC as the premiere fashion event of the city. The event has been rebranded and is now a team of licensed beauty and seasoned fashion professionals who travel providing their services. In 2008 she went a step further and launched her freelance makeup artistry career. A solid year of trial and error she reached out to others in the industry and began studying the craft of makeup artistry.


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About Jalia Pettis

After many fashion events, photo shoots and travel throughout the southeast she relocated to Arizona which took her career to the next level. In 2014 she returned to school to study esthetics and graduated at the top of her class. In July 2015 she became a Beacon Award Winner and in May 2017 was named NAHA Finalist for Makeup Artist of the Year both accomplishments through the Professional Beauty Association. In addition she is also Arizona State Captain for the same organization. As a Licensed Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist, Jalia educates her clients on having healthy skin; the skin that lives under the glitz and glamour. Jalia has began her journey as a platform educator speaking to groups of both consumers and licensed professionals in 2018. She also contributes as a beauty host and guest writer to various publications and blogs where she shares insight and practical tips. Jalia is a Certified Trainer through Achieve Global, a member of the Professional Beauty Association and the 2018 American Small Business Champion for the state of Arizona. As a proud mother of three her life philosophy is based on faith, passion and perseverance.