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We are so stoked to announce that we have partnered with Lindsay Guzman to offer Canvas Recruit members an incredible mentorship opportunity. On June 14th Lindsay is going to allow a super lucky beauty pro to spend that day at her Denver salon and soak in all of the amazing knowledge she can share. You will also learn about her intro to hair extensions as a whole service. Yes, we swear... Heres why we are so excited for you; With over 15 years and 10,000 hours spent behind the chair, Lindsay is a master of her art. Trained in Great Lengths, DreamCatchers, Microlink, Tape-in, weaves, beaded-weave, as well as her own creation of micro-fusion extensions, she credits learning slowly over days, weeks, and years with being able to perfect her technique. Based out of Denver, CO, Lindsay was inspired by the unique needs of her clients to open Elle.b Salon. She is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to clients, creating the most natural looking hair extensions available.  Ok, ok... Calm down. Yes, just apply by creating your free portfolio in minutes and click apply at the top of this page... That's it. It's super easy. We'll let you know who Lindsay selects by June 7th. Good luck fam!



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She is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to clients, creating the most natural looking hair extensions available. With a firm belief that learning never stops over the years Lindsay has had advanced education from Vidal Sassoon, Bumble and Bumble, and Paul Mitchell. She first learned about S•R Education four years ago and hosted her first class in 2017...and she was hooked! Since then she has implemented the SRE Salon Training Program in her salon as a training course for all of her assistants. She is so excited to share her passion for hair and the S•R Education cutting method as an SRE Academy Educator.


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Company Tagline : So our story is simple. Love who you are and let us make you the best version of you. Nuff said.

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About Elle b. Salon

We all have a story. A history of who we are and how we got to this current place and time. Well here is ours. It's ever growing and there are many chapters, this is just one of them.

The culture of hair and beauty has seen so many transformations over the years and I am sure we will see many more. In the beginning of my journey I set out to change it, the culture that is. Little did I know that everyone else in my generation was on the same mission. The idea that we should strive to be the magazine models' and mega stars' slightly less attractive, never quite getting it, impersonators...(nailed it) was quickly fading. We, like so many, just wanted to feel amazing in our own skin.

This was the twinkle in my eye that grew into the dream that is now Elle.b Salon. Now 16 years deep into my career, I have created a place that is just that, a place you can come and feel amazing in your own skin. And like anything that was meant to be, it happened fast and crazy. In one weekend I decided to open my own place, found the perfect neighborhood (oh, Jefferson Park, how we love thee), found a space, signed a lease, AND POOF! Seven crazy weeks later I had managed to wrangle the men of Raw Creative Design to design and build me a space fit for all. I knew I wanted my space to be in a progressive place so Jefferson Park made the most sense. Talent was next and I interviewed for weeks, saw many, and chose only a few. They were the best, but also the most eager to keep learning - to learn from each other and myself and to be the most versatile and knowledgeable stylists they could be. Doors opened. Of course there was drama and trials along the way but the end reult was a dream come true.