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As an apprentice at Elle.b, your job is to soak up as much information, and knowledge as you possibly can. Throughout your apprenticeship, we will be training you on everything that makes Elle.b Salon special. You will also help to ensure the salon runs smoothly on a daily basis by helping clients as needed and assisting stylists in various ways. You can also use this position as an opportunity to watch and learn different techniques from other stylists to help you become more confident in becoming a successful stylist yourself.

These duties include (but are not limited to): 

  • Draping clients for services.

  • Shampooing clients.

  • Applying or rinsing color.

  • Neutralizing and rinsing perms.

  • Assisting stylists as needed.

  • Mixing color.

  • Keeping dispensary clean and sanitary.

  • Cleaning combs/brushes as necessary.

  • Keeping barbicide/solutions clean.

  • Sweeping hair from styling floor.

  • Collect, wash/fold towels and capes.

  • Keep towel cabinet stocked.

  • Keep back bar bottles stocked/filled.

  • Keep waxing supplies stocked.

  • Keep restroom tidy and supplies stocked.

  • General light cleaning duties.

  • Empty trash cans.

  • Reception support

  • Lives No-Compromise Culture

  • Supports company/team initiatives

  • Cooperation: up/down/around

  • Supports company values

  • Seeks to mentor others

  • Embraces and supports change

Starting pay begins at $15.00 hourly

The Benefits of Working at Elle.B

Elle.b Salon offers competitive benefits to our employees including:

  • 3 and 4-day work week schedules

  • Competitive hourly pay based on experience and what you contribute to the team

  • Employee and family discounts on services

  • Employee discount on all retail products.

  • In-salon education and product knowledge classes.

  • Partial/paid education outside of the salon.

  • Working products provided at no cost.

  • Paid marketing and advertising to acquire new clients.

  • Salon and community events to promote and build business.

  • Business cards provided.

  • Regular staff meetings to gather new ideas, resolve issues and motivate employees.

  • A strong team atmosphere.

  • Fun and drama-free work environment.

  • 50% paid Health insurance for 32 hour a week employees.

  • 40 hours or more of PTO

  • 13 week Short term disability

  • Dental Insurance

  • 401k plan

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About Elle.B Salon

Our Philosophy

At Elle.b Salon, we derive success from teamwork, taking pride in our own work and giving great customer service to everyone who walks through our door. Helping each other out when needed will make the entire salon run more smoothly and create a happy, stress-free work environment for everyone.

Success also comes through education. As techniques change, as products improve, as new services are introduced, you will be prepared through education to satisfy the new demands of your clients, thus ensuring us all a happy and successful future.  Elle.b Salon is a place where only the best is expected. In order to be the leader in our industry, we must constantly strive to be better in every technique we learn.